Where is the Outcry?

When George Bush flouted the law to wiretap and torture there was a huge outcry.  Emanating mainly from the left but also to some small degree from the right.  Now Obama has taken it up a huge step, putting a hit on an American citizen with no evidence of a crime presented, then following through with an extra-judicial execution.  Where is the outcry?  Extra-judicial execution is just a longer way of saying murder…  A US citizen was murdered by the US government with no trial, no evidence, and certainly no legal basis for the action.  Where is the outcry?

The left is quiet.  They are even apologetic, after all Anwar al-Awlaki was a “terrorist”, he deserved it they say.  Terrorist by whose testimony?  All we have to go on is the president’s word…and that would be summarily rejected as hearsay, not admissible.  Do we have any other evidence?  To my knowledge we don’t.  Let’s for a moment believe this inadmissible evidence, does that give the president the power to supersede the 5th Amendment and execute him without resort to judge, jury, due process, etc…? No, No, and NO!

The only (albeit muted) outcry that I have heard has been from the right.  Ron Paul stated that it may be an impeachable offense (if it isn’t, then what would be?) and was a sign of our slipping toward tyranny.

First they murdered Randy Weaver’s family, but I didn’t speak up because they tied him to a white supremacist; then they massacred scores at a compound in Waco, but I didn’t speak up because I’m not a religious fanatic; then they murdered al-Awlaki, but I didn’t speak up because they claimed he was a terrorist; then they came for me…

I thought Obama would lead us back from the precipice that GW left us teetering on, instead he pushes us over.

Here are a couple of articles questioning the President’s powers to execute US citizens:

The Shipler Report posits Crime or War,

and Salon has a nice write up (watch the video at Salon).

And here is Greenwald being interviewed on the Sam Seder show.


Color Me Dubious

So, I am supposed to believe that Al Qaeda is resorting to sending mail bombs direct from Yemen?  That is what the major media are presently reporting.  I’m usually not much on conspiracy theories, but this whole story and the way it unfolded is preposterous.  More likely, someone based in the Middle East (I’m looking at you Haliburton) is attempting to influence our elections.

So what do you think?  Suspicious packages sent from Yemen to synagogues in Chicago, are they incompetent boobs?    Or did someone give us a Friday event to dominate the weekend news?

Does anyone believe this?

Pakistani terrorist claims he masterminded 9/11-The United States-World-NEWS-The Times of India

Pakistani terrorist claims he masterminded 9/11-The United States-World-NEWS-The Times of India

The supposed confession took place in a closed “court” room. The “confession” is heavily redacted, and there is no third party attestation. My hunch is that this is just more lies and more deceit from those in power in the US. I purposely do not say from the Bush administration; lies and deceit of this magnitude take the collusion of all three branches of government.

If the government had an honest un-coerced confession, why did it not hold a public trial? Why was it done in secret? To me this stinks of the witch trials of old, secret tribunals, tortured confessions, and executions. What is next, maybe the return of the Spanish Inquisition?

Why does my government create the scene where I must be ashamed to be from the US? Why can’t my government do one single thing to make my proud?

Still, the patriotic remain, or let’s call them the self-professed patriotic. A sick and degenerate lot, all of them.