Privacy Quote

We all need places where we can go to explore without the judgmental eyes of other people being cast upon us, only in a realm where we’re not being watched can we really test the limits of who we want to be. It’s really in the private realm where dissent, creativity and personal exploration lie.
–Glenn Greenwald


Note From Epicurus

Let no one be slow to seek wisdom when he is young nor weary in the search of it when he has grown old. For no age is too early or too late for the health of the soul. And to say that the season for studying philosophy has not yet come, or that it is past and gone, is like saying that the season for happiness is not yet or that it is now no more. Therefore, both old and young alike ought to seek wisdom, the former in order that, as age comes over him, he may be young in good things because of the grace of what has been, and the latter in order that, while he is young, he may at the same time be old, because he has no fear of the things which are to come. So we must exercise ourselves in the things which bring happiness, since, if that be present, we have everything, and, if that be absent, all our actions are directed towards attaining it.

–Epicurus, Letter to Menoeceus

Great Quote

“If you are going to judge your knowledge by the sort of collective standards of three hundred million people then don’t be surprised that you’re embarrassed.”
–Zbigniew Brzezinski

I got the quote from the following video, in which he gives Joe Scarborough a good dressing down.

Edit: Grr…couldn’t make the video embed.  Here is a link to the Huffington Post story.