Ugh, Still No Laptop

Seven weeks into the repair process and I still don’t have a laptop, in fact today they took it into the shop.

I bought a used Lenovo X61 Tablet off of Craigslist about a year and a half ago for $550.  It came with an extended warrenty that I never expected to use…but fate…

Sometime back the screen started getting air bubbles near the bottom, they got worse for a while then stopped.  I was going to ignore the problem as the laptop is nearing end-of-life.  Then late in July the laptop quit charging, making it unusable.

So in early August I called up Lenovo to report the two problems and request a warranty repair.  Things went well on the phone and I was promised that someone would call me later that day or early the next day to schedule the repair within the next 48 hours.  I was overjoyed with the response…unfortunately, it was not to be.

Seven weeks later, I still don’t have a laptop…here is what has happened so far:

August 3rd, called Lenovo, spent an hour on the phone explaining that my laptop wouldn’t charge and that the screen was defective.  Was given a repair notice and told that a tech would call me that afternoon or by 1 PM the following day to schedule an onsite repair.
August 16, received both a robo-call and an email from Lenovo explaining a part was delayed and I could expect repair in 5 to 7 days
August 18, received call from local tech stating that one part was in, tech stated the second part would be in in less than a week, we decided to wait for second part to schedule repair.
August 23, received both a robo-call and an email from Lenovo stating that the problem had been escalated
August 25, received an email from Lenovo stating that the part may be available by Sept 16, but no guarantees.
August 25, sent an email to Lenovo voicing my displeasure and asking how to escalate the situation or file a complaint
August 25, received an immediate reply from Lenovo stating that the part had been overnighted to the local tech
September 1, sent another email to Lenovo, stating that a month was long enough to wait for next day service and that if they can’t fix my laptop then they need to replace it….never got a response!
September 2, called Lenovo, forwarded to local service, they state they have been sitting on the part since the 26th, promised me that someone would call before 5 PM to schedule repair.
September 12, received a voicemail from Dxxx the local IBM tech, stated the part would be in the following day and we could schedule repair.
September 14, got back into town and returned Dxxx’s call, he stated that he was off work the next 2 days, he informed me that Sxxx (another tech) would call me right back to schedule repair for the next day.
September 15, Received a call from Sxxx, scheduled repair for Monday 19th at 11.
September 19, Dxxx came out to fix my laptop but broke the video ribbon while replacing the screen.  I sent the laptop with him…if the charging issue is not the mother board I should get it back tomorrow (not holding my breath).

Like I said…ugh!  I wonder what part of next day service Lenovo doesn’t understand.


Lenovo/Novell Announcement: Ho Hum

It couldn’t live up to the hype, yet none of the Linux sites seem to be backtracking from their grand pre-announcements.

Let me explain. In the days leading up to yesterday, tech sites around the globe were trumpeting the imminent release of a Lenovo Thinkpad pre-installed with SLED 10. This was blown up to be a major rung in the Linux climb to the desktop. I was excited. I was trying to figure out which tech toys I could start to sell off in order to get a down payment on one of these.

Then…after days of drumrolls…came the announcement. Well, um…err, Lenovo is not going to release a Thinkpad with Linux pre-installed; but we will support–albeit to a limited degree–SLED 10 on two models which start at over $3000 each. (here you can picture a leaking balloon shooting across the sky in a scene reminiscent of Looney Tunes–perhaps crashing to ground with a loud whack.)

But all of the Linux news sites just let it drop after the announcement. Where are the retractions? Where are the mea culpas? Nary a word from anyone.

Ho hum…