Why do they hate us?

Is it our freedoms, or…

Assholes like this.

Edit: So it seems that the interwebitudes has identified the puppy killer.  A blog on typepad has identified him as David Motari. It seems that he may be from Seattle or Hawaii.

Let’s be honest, crap like this happens in every war.  Once you break a kid down, make him think murder is OK in the service of the State–pretty much everything is on the table after that.


Land of the free

How often do I have to hear it?  The US is the freest country on the planet they tell me.  If I have to hear it one more time I may pull out the little hair that I have left.

Today the NY Times is reporting that one in every hundred American adults are locked up. For Hispanic adults it is 1 in 36!!  1 in 15 for blacks!!  1 in 9 for black males 20-34 years old!!!!

Holy shit!!!!

So if we are not unfairly locking people up, then we just happen to be one of the most criminal minded peoples the world has ever known.  Either that or…

Land of the free is a bunch of bull….

I wonder which it is?

Has My Government Declared War On Me?

CNN.com – Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs – Sep 12, 2006
WASHINGTON (AP) — Nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens in crowd-control situations before being used on the battlefield, the Air Force secretary said Tuesday.

Quite the disturbing report over at CNN.  As the government gets more “non-lethal” force they become quicker to use it.  Look at Mace and Tasers as examples.  Both of these were sold to us as alternatives to shooting people.  But then the police become much much more likely to use it.  Where a drunk used to get wrestled down and hand cuffed they are now Maced and/or Tasered.  Once the government becomes able to subjegate the populace with non-lethal force, freedom becomes but a historical concept.

It is becoming increasingly clear that my government is at war with my freedoms, and thus at war with me.  It is not I that is forcing this onto them.  It seems but a short matter of time before there covert war breaks into the open.

Islamic Fascists?

BBC News is reporting that Bush said: “Islamic fascists… will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom”.

Fascists? Through my local library I have a subscription to Oxford Reference Online and a quick search shows many different takes on defining fascism. But every definition includes some sort of extreme nationalism.

I am of the oppinion that Al Quadi does not exist. Sure there are fundamentalist terrorists that seek to harm us. But there is no entrenched global network of terrorists working in concert. However, let’s set that aside for a moment…are the terrorist and Islamic Fundamentalists fascists? The answer can only be a resounding no. Nationalists from different nations would not plot together.  No, the opposition is something other than nationalists.

And I am quite certain that there are Islamic Fascists, but they are the governments of our allies, namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In distinction, the terrorists are extreme fundamentalists. An entirely different animal. But Bush  would loose his base were he to make a speech denouncing religious fundamentalists–and who else supports him?

The President of the United States of America SHOULD NOT engage in this type of self-serving and blatant fear mongering. How many more terrorists are there today than there were on 9/11? If Bush’s goal is to prevent the spread of terrorism and to eventually lessen and end it, then by all metrics, he is an abject failure.

And he still refers to the terrorists as hating the freedom that we have. On this metric, the metric of extinquishing our freedoms to prevent this hatred, he appears to be doing rather well.

An Open Letter to President Bush

May 28, 2006

Dear President Bush (An Open Letter):

This letter is in regards to the current war on terror. Sir, I ask that you rethink your actions.

Being born in 1965, I grew up during the seventies. Like many of my generation, television had a major impact on my world view. A few examples here may illustrate this. Firstly, when still small I was watching an old WW2 movie with my father. The film portrayed a checkpoint where German officials would demand “walking papers” from travelers. I asked my father what walking papers were. “When you don’t live in a free country” he replied, “the government will make you carry identification or walking papers.” Having previously learned on the 6:00 news that I lived in a free country, I came to understand that forcing the populace to always carry identification was a tactic of a repressive regime like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. This could never happen in my country, because we are free. The second point came about a few years later. There was turmoil and unrest throughout Central America; Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia, and others were awash in murder, war, and drugs. The daily news was replete with video evidence of the atrocities occurring. “Death Squads” were on the march, and there was much reportage on “The Disappeared.” Just the word gave me chills. Images of wives, mothers, children telling tales of how their loved one(s) had been pulled from bed in the dark of night and just disappeared. The unknown, the ultimate terror. Were they taken out to sea and drowned? Were they shot execution style and buried in a mass grave? Were they in some evil prison, perhaps being tortured? No one knew, they were simply The Disappeared; and it was chilling. From the daily television, I learned the value of living in a free country.

Flash forward to the turn of the century, I was 35 years old at the time. I remember being buoyed by the event, certainly there was challenge ahead, but just as surely there was hope and optimism to meet that challenge. The Cold War had ended, openness and freedom had won out over the closed and oppressive; democracy was on the march. Of course there were challenges ahead–population, global climate, debt, demilitarization, local ecosystems, income distribution, and self-governance, to name just a few. Yet we had hope of a better tomorrow, and we had trust in human ingenuity and sociability to meet those challenges.

Then came September the 11th. And, once again, television was there. Watching people cast themselves from these mighty structures, and the terror as the towers collapsed , left me numb. I understood that nothing was ever going to be the same again, and that understanding filled me with dread. Still it was an emotionally tumultuous time. Watching the vigils going on across Europe with signs reading “We Are All American” left me in tears. The out pouring of global sympathy filled me with joy, joy in the hope that a tide had turned and we would witness a regeneration of world-wide effort to set things back on course. The occupation of Afghanistan followed, and seemed reasonable. I remember thinking that Somalia and Sudan would be next. Instead we had buildup to the Iraqi invasion and occupation. There was no more emotional flip flop, the changes wrought by 9/11 were set. Hope and optimism had lost out to fear and suspicion—the die was cast. Since then it has all become a blur. A blur of sound and image snippets…corporate scandals, Guantanamo, Abu Graib, Total Information Awareness, secret prisons, torture, NSA spying, a border fence, collateral damage, congressional bribery, and…the assault continues. Our potential utopia has become a dystopia.

However, all may not yet be lost. You Sir, with your office and your determination, are in a position to help correct course. Two actions that you could accomplish with a pen stroke come immediately to mind. First, denounce the NSA wire taps and fire anyone that is involved in it. The monitoring of the citizenry is as abhorrent as the “walking papers” that I discussed above. Secondly, close Guantanamo and all secret prisons. Bring to trial in public courts or release all those that are now being held. The fear of the disappeared brings dread to us all and shame to our country.

Do not hesitate, do it today.