Not voting, why?

Last time I voted, I was made to feel utterly foolish.  It was Bill Clinton’s first term, I was excited, I had seen all the candidates, been to their rallies.  I saw Bush the elder, Clinton, Gore, and (almost got my ass kicked seeing) Quail.  (Come to think about it, I almost got beaten at the Bush rally too.)

Clinton promised hope, and like a sucker I bought into it.  I was not that young, but I was definitely overly optimistic in the process.  “We” beat Bush, it was heady times.  Excitement crackling in the air.

The day Clinton took office he bombed Iraq…I think it was like 2 hours into his regime.  I knew I had been made the fool of.  Clinton did nothing to bring hope to the nation–I seem to recall that it was Clinton that deregulated the banks.

So, 12 years later, along comes Obama, offering change.  Fool me once….  I was considering registering to vote for Obama, jury duty be damned…

Then along comes the economic crunch and the splurge debate.  Did Obama rise to the occasion, did he offer hope, could I tell him apart from the DC apparatchik?  No, no, and no.  He was very staid, he offered no change, he was a conventional Democrat to the core.

This is not change.  This is Democratic machine politics in its most traditional (and blighted) sense.  Obama had the opportunity to transcend politics, he failed to take it.

With Clinton, I spent 8 years feeling dirty.  Obama dropped the ball before I sullied myself with supporting him.  So I won’t vote again…and consequently, come January I won’t feel dirty.

Sure, some so-called progressives are excited, but they are deluded…there ain’t no change here…let them spend the next 8 years feeling dirty and used.

I made myself a promise 12 years ago.  I promised to never again vote for someone that I did not want to win.  I promised that if it came down to voting for the lesser of two evils, I would abstain.

This Saturday is the last day to register to vote in November.  It seems that once again, there is not a candidate that I can get behind.  Sure, I want Obama to beat McCain, but not enough to sully myself.

What is your take?


The Presidency….conventions, VPs, and whatnot…

I thought Obama’s acceptance speech was great theatre.  If I thought he could deliver 10% of what he promises I would vote for him.  Choosing Biden as his running mate really puts a damper on his “change” theme.  I like Biden, but he has sat in the Senate since 1973!  Yep, that’s all about change…

McCain chose Palin, evidently she is the Governator of Alaska.  I haven’t heard that she has any economic experience, or that she has any foreign policy experience, or much of anything.  But, unarguably it is historic, in January we will either have a black president or a female vice president.

That is both heartening…and sad…at the same time.  Who can argue with the fact that McCain chose her because she is a woman?  McCain’s thinking probably went like this, “I need a woman, a woman who is against abortion, a woman who is against abortion and has no skeletons…”  Then they went off to find someone to meet that criteria, and Palin fit the bill.

And McCain is old…crazy old…will the voting public accept a noob as VP, one heart beat away from the presidency?

Was this really a good thing for women?  Hillary bought her Senate seat based on her name…rode her husband’s coattails, coasted into the primaries with the idea that it was her right to be the nominee.  What do young women learn from this?  Grab a strong man and ride him to the top, put up with his philandering ways, suck it up and you too can one day be a contender for the presidency.  And now Palin–with a two four month old special needs child–gets chosen simply because she has breasts.  I am an outsider…but to me…this seems…a set back.

Edit: So I thought we–as a society–had gotten beyond the stone age, but, alas, I was wrong. It seems that Palin wants creationism taught in schools, does not believe in global warming, and fought to keep beluga whales off the endangered species list (and is in fact suing to keep polar bears off the list). Put this together with her links to the oil industry and her support of drilling in ANWR and we catch ourselves sliding backwards…it seems that she may be more of a Neanderthal than Bush–welcome to the Pleistocene, maybe next election we can rise to the level of Neanderthal.

Welcome to the show, Mr. Nader.

Finally,  a candidate that I can get behind.  And to listen to the so-called lefties rant against him makes me hope that he throws the election to McCain.

Had the dems paid lip service to a progressive agenda, I am certain he would not be running.  But they have failed to do so.  The dems have control of both houses of congress, name me the progressive legislation that they have sitting on Bush’s desk?  What?  There has not been a single bill?  But how can that be?  Aren’t the parties sufficiently different?

Mr. Nader, I for one am glad that you are running.

In 2000 the lefties accused Nader of losing the election for Gore.  Bullshit.  Gore lost the election on his own.  Why did he not run on a progressive platform?  Why did he choose the right wing war monger for VP?  Why did he do jack squat for the environment during eight years of VP when he really had nothing else to do?

Run Ralph run…throw the bums of the ruling duopoly out.

What we need to ask the candidates…

Will you close Guantanamo?  Will you end the secret renditions?  Is water boarding torture?  Will you end torture?  Do you believe in unilateral first strikes based on a hunch?  Will we join Kyoto or its successor?  Will we reinstate the ABM?  Will we hold off deploying an anti missile system until we know it works?  Will we push Israel to comply with UN resolutions?

All of the candidates speak of restoring our place in the world, but without specific answers, what does it mean?

Kerry stated the obvious

Kerry furious over new attacks

John Kerry said to a group of college students that they should stay in school and study hard to avoid getting stuck in Iraq.  The Republicans were furious…how dare he disparage our troops?

Kerry backtracked…I did not mean what I said, I was talking about the president, etc…

What a bunch of crap…

Of course the poor and uneducated become fodder for war.  That is the nature of war.  Our “all volunteer” military is based in economic conscription.  Everyone knows it, it is no secret.  Still we can’t mention it.  It gets talked about over every dinner table in America, but an elected official gets bashed for stating the obvious, stating what the other 300 million Americans take for granted.

What kind of Orwellian times do we live?

Wanna know the worse part?

It does not matter who wins next Tuesday.  Everything will stay exactly the same.  Our leaders hold us up as the free-est of the free…but it is all a dirty twisted ugly lie.  It was true once….but not in my lifetime.  The only free people in this nation are those whose existence has been so marginalized that they slip under the radar of the banks, the creditors, the large employers, and (hopefully) the criminal justice megopoly.  Every other person in this nation is a slave to their own life style.

It would be sadder if the majority were not a such bunch of wallowing hogs.

Yes, we send the poor to die for oil for our SUVs.  Everyone knows it….but lets not let on that the pigs look just like the people–you can no longer tell the difference.

The American dream has become a nightmare of debt, slipping wages, inaccessible healthcare, and let’s not forget the fear; fear of a government out of control.