What has the president done for me:

Set up federal grants to states to provide money to help those with disabilities to work from home;

Created a fund to encourage technologies that aid those with disabilities;

Created the President’s Plan for AIDs relief, the largest contribution ever to combat a single disease;

The President’s Malaria Initiative, goal of cutting malaria in half, currently saves about 15 million lives per year;

Medicare Prescription Drug initiative, helped cut the cost of prescription drugs for seniors by 40%

Launched a global threat reduction program that removed enough fissionable material to produce 30 bombs;

Persuaded Libya to give up its WMD and advanced missile programs;

Cut in half the US stockpile of nuclear weapons;

Increased funding for National Endowment for Democracy by 150%;

Provided more than 1.5 billion for aid to Darfur;

Added preventative screening to Medicare funding, saving untold number of lives;

Provided funding to open 1200 community health centers;

Funded Supplemental Education Services which provides after school tutoring to move than half a million kids;

Pushed the US to commit more than $22 billion for climate change technologies;

Created the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, the largest in American history;

Created Project Safe Neighborhoods, helping bring crime down to a 30 year low;

Greatly increased budgets of National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health;

Greatly expanded the roles of LGBT and other minorities in his cabinet;

Signed the Great Lakes Legacy Act to begin cleaning contaminated sediment in the great lakes;

Signed Brownfields legislation to speed up the clean up of abandoned industrial sites.

These are just a few of the things that GW Bush accomplished as president.  Still we do not give him a pass on being a war criminal.  So why are we giving Obama a pass?

Anyone but Obama 2012!  Get on the train, let’s put this war criminal in Guantanamo.


Nightmare Before Christmas

I wonder if GW feels guilt and/or shame as he lies awake at night…or is he a sociopath?

A Sweaty Gambler…

That is how Bush appears to me these days. A man who went into a casino to blow off some excess cash, have a good time. With luck turning a blind eye, the man soon has gone through his paycheck, and shortly later has run up enormous credit. He knows he should quit, yet he carries doggedly on, cursing his “luck”. Hoping beyond hope, praying that the next coin will pay off. Mopping his brow, he continues feeding money into the machine….”I can’t quit now, so much is at stake.”

Asking him to leave only infuriates him. “Can’t you see” hi cries, “if I leave now, we lose so much?”

A government we can support

News out of Iraq is not good. Now the barbarians gentlemen that we installed as the government are at it again. First the fiasco that was the Saddam hanging, now another hanging–this one complete with a decapitation. Is this the 1800’s? Why did we install these people as government?

And now the escalation surge…”let’s dig that hole a little deeper Georgie, I can still see the top of your head.”

A Solemn Labor Day to You

Bush vows to keep workers competitive – Yahoo! News

I just got home from work on this Labor Day…I had to work as a favor to our customers.  They can come in without taking a day off work and traffic is virtually non-existent on holiday morns.  Since our customers pay our office bills (not to mention my rent), I had to work…and I dragged the rest of the office along.

So I get home and am greeted by the above linked headline…I didn’t even read the article, I already know Bush Jr’s views.  He seeks a leaner meaner less well paid work force to compete with sweatshops in [insert 3rd world country here].

Personally, I don’t think we can compete with [insert 3rd world country here] in the sweatshop field.  Pretty much any nation that excels in the sweatshop trade will work circles around us.  Somehow I don’t believe that Bush Jr’s leaner meaner work force is the solution.

Instead he should take a look at the competitive landscape of Europe and the Pacific Rim.  There he will find the folks that we need to compete with (unless his goal is the Argentinia-ization of the US, in which case he should continue on his present course).  The reason we are being out competed is healthcare.  We can’t continue spending such large chunks on healthcare and think we can compete.  Speaking as someone who has seen a doctor exactly once in the past 18 years, the only way to save the free market from collapse is socialized medicine.  It is the only way to avoid total melt down, spending by Government, corporations, and individuals are all spiraling out of control…it is not sustainable.

The unfortunate fact is that when we implode we drag everybody else down with us.   And you think “they” hate us now…just wait until we can no longer pay our bills and see how happy even the civilized world is with us.

Islamic Fascists?

BBC News is reporting that Bush said: “Islamic fascists… will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom”.

Fascists? Through my local library I have a subscription to Oxford Reference Online and a quick search shows many different takes on defining fascism. But every definition includes some sort of extreme nationalism.

I am of the oppinion that Al Quadi does not exist. Sure there are fundamentalist terrorists that seek to harm us. But there is no entrenched global network of terrorists working in concert. However, let’s set that aside for a moment…are the terrorist and Islamic Fundamentalists fascists? The answer can only be a resounding no. Nationalists from different nations would not plot together.  No, the opposition is something other than nationalists.

And I am quite certain that there are Islamic Fascists, but they are the governments of our allies, namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In distinction, the terrorists are extreme fundamentalists. An entirely different animal. But Bush  would loose his base were he to make a speech denouncing religious fundamentalists–and who else supports him?

The President of the United States of America SHOULD NOT engage in this type of self-serving and blatant fear mongering. How many more terrorists are there today than there were on 9/11? If Bush’s goal is to prevent the spread of terrorism and to eventually lessen and end it, then by all metrics, he is an abject failure.

And he still refers to the terrorists as hating the freedom that we have. On this metric, the metric of extinquishing our freedoms to prevent this hatred, he appears to be doing rather well.