Firefox 42, Major Improvements

Firefox 42 was just released with major improvements for both Android and desktop. Firefox now has tracking blocking built in! By default it is only on during private browsing, to enable it for general use go to about:config and scroll down to privacy.trackingprotection.enabled and set the value to true. This works on both mobile and desktop. It will block many ads and most trackers and works similarly to Ghostery or Privacy Badger.

For desktop use, Firefox also now includes an icon to show which tab is playing audio and the ability to mute it without leaving the current tab. This is a catch up feature that has been available in Chrome for some time. Still a welcome addition.

Firefox usage is in decline and that is a shame. The one browser coded by a non-profit with keeping the web open as its stated goal. Safari, IE/Edge, and Chrome are all made by large corporations concerned more with molding the web to their own needs/profits that with the fate of their users. Even after Edward Snowden’s revelations, many still cling to these locked down proprietary browsers. I honestly do not understand it.


Opera 11.5 Released

Opera keeps getting better, today it displaced Firefox on my computer…recent addition of extensions and now password sync were enough to push it over the edge.  Plus mobile Opera is kick ass on Android…if Firefox mobile ever gets as good, I’ll switch back as Mozilla is a great open source company.

Check out Opera 11.5  and download for your platform…get rid of that stank that you call a browser.   Fast, safe, secure, and smart…no reason not to get it today.

Think about it…common sense will show you that there are really only two options for internet browsers.   What is the goal of the Mozilla nonprofit?  Its goal is an open and usable web, what is not to like?  What is the goal of the Opera corporation?  Its goal is to provide you with the best possible  browser>  What is the goal of the Apple corporation?  To sell as many iphones as possible, Safari is an afterthought and a sorry excuse for one at that.  What is the purpose of the Google corporation?  Chrome is simply a platform for ads…nothing more, nothing less.  How about Microsoft?  They want to sell Windows and Office licenses…once again, browsing is an afterthought.  If you care even a little about the open web then you will avoid Safar, Chrome, and IE like the plague that they are…a plague of corporate control.

IE was evil when MS shipped it with Windows and Safari is no better now that it is integrated with the proprietary crapware that ships on Apple computers.

Follow the link above…upgrade your browsing experience today…you have nothing to lose…except your chains.