Trumpism’s Flying Monkeys

Times are dark, but they will get much darker before the dawn. Even the assumption that there will be a dawn is not a sure bet.

The Republican party was split. A resolution was put forth at their convention to condemn extremism. This was met with boos, scuffles broke out across the floor, and the motion failed. The year was 1964 and the extremists at the time were the KKK, the Communist Party and the John Birch Society. Still, it was a testament to the times that the resolution was even debated; the Republican party of today won’t even acknowledge that they have a problem. There will be no debate about condemning Qanon or Proud Boys or even the Boogaloo Bois. In fact, the titular head of the GOP actively seeks their support.

It began with gerrymandering. A minority party seeking to maintain power after the voters have abandoned them. It worked for a while but as the party base was further eroded it lost its effectiveness. The solution was not to expand its base with a more popular platform, but to double down on extremism and attempt to disenfranchise a sizable number of voters.

Public backlash has not slowed the push to remove the opposition from the voter roles, while Georgia and Texas are getting all of the attention, the movement is occurring in red states across the nation. Even corporate America, longtime stalwart allies of the GOP have registered displeasure with this move.

To maintain minority power, the traditional rails protecting the process must be removed. This is accomplished through reducing trust in the media, education, the election apparatus, and every institution that stands in the way of totalitarian rule by the minority.

To this end, the so-called patriotic party now seeks to end public dissent. This is being done by criminalizing first amendment activities. Florida is currently where this is most apparent where a recently passed law makes protest illegal. Clever with wordology, this is referred to as pro-law enforcement legislation. Yes, the movement that beat a law enforcement officer to death with a flag pole, now seeks to paint itself as protectors of order.

If one were looking for a recipe for converting a functional democracy to a totalitarian state, would it look any different than this?

*Spread conspiracy theories
*Reduce trust in the educated elite
*Vilify the media
*End trust in elections
*Disenfranchise the opposition
*Outlaw dissent

The phrase “useful idiot” is often attributed to Lenin, but was popularized by those on the right to demonize those they disagree with. However, it can be most aptly used to describe those individuals who have adopted the cult of personality surrounding Trumpism. Corporate give-aways, increased pollution, tax cuts for the wealthy few, decreased safety regulations, pardons for war criminals, bragging about rape, inciting violence, a failed virus response, it goes on. But still the useful idiots line up to to support him and his ilk, against their own interests. All he need do is throw them a bone supporting their racist beliefs and promote a fake culture war. These useful idiots are enraged because some state they more than likely have never been to removed the confederate flag, they are enraged that brown people exist, they are enraged that women and blacks seek equality, they are mostly enraged because the man in the suit told them to be.

When it comes to insurrection, sacking the Capital, rioting, etc…, the orange man and his brethren will never get their hands dirty, they will simply send their flying monkeys to do the deed and pay the price. After all, no need to risk anything when you have useful idiots willing to risk everything, for nothing in return. Risk their country, their freedom, their very lives; and get absolutely nothing in return…except contempt.


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