Cooking Challenge 2020

Last year was one of the first New Year’s Resolutions that I made, I vowed to make 20 soups from around the world. I made the first one shortly before the new year and finished the challenge on May 19th. When I was finished I summed it up in a blog post.

The purpose of last year’s challenge wasn’t just to make 20 soups, it was to learn new techniques that I could ad lib with in my day to day cooking. On both marks, the challenge was a success.

After I finished the soup challenge I got into fermentation. That lasted most of the summer and I’ve learned good techniques for that too. As Winter moved in I kind of stalled out. So I started thinking about a new cooking challenge for the coming new year.

I’ve settled on making 17 meals from 17 different countries chosen almost randomly. That is one approximately every 3 weeks, if I move more quickly I can get back to fermentation when the summer heat rolls in. I will give a brief sketch of each one here as it is completed, so I get 17 blog posts as a secondary reward.

I’ve chosen the following 17 countries: Algeria, Viet Nam, Brazil, Slovakia, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Portugal, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uruguay, Estonia, Namibia, Taiwan, Guatemala, Croatia, and Qatar.

This is more of a challenge than last year’s because that was just making a dish without any context. This challenge involves understanding the local cuisine and making a representative meal.

Stay tuned to see how it goes.


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