Sylvesta Schock, My Grandmother

Our family history on my mother’s side has always been severely lacking. In the absence of information, we have made up legends. A little research generally disproves the family legends.

Six years ago I posted about my research into my maternal grandfather. At the time I parenthetically wrote about his wife:

It is difficult to find much information on Grandma Allen as her name is spelled differently in each text consulted [i.e. Sylvesta, Sylvestia, Sylvester; and Schouck, Schock, Shock, Shouk, Shouck, Shak] we do know she was born 12/3/03.

And that was pretty much all I could gather.

Until today. Today I had breakthroughs in my research and have found her ancestors.

Grandma Allen was born in 1903 to Benjamin and Mary Ann (nee Meyer) Schock.

Benjamin, in turn, was born to Blasius and Mary (nee Liller) Schock in 1864. It was Blasius (my great great grandfather) who migrated from Germany, having been born in a region near the French border named Baden in 1836.

Mary Ann Meyer’s father Heinrich Joseph Meier was born across the Rhine in France in 1821.

Even though they lived within 50 miles of each other, it is highly doubtful that they knew each other as their families did not intermarry for 2 more generations.

Tracing back matri-linearly my great great grandfather Nahum Cobb was born in 1833 in Ontario New York, this is his image:


He died in Council Grove Kansas in 1895 after siring 3 daughters, my great grandmother Nettie Cobb being the youngest.


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