Reddit is Still Supporting the Rape of Dogs (and other animals)

Two years ago, I wrote an open letter to users of Reddit. I recommend reading that post to gain the context for this follow-up post.

Reddit has many subreddits on varying subjects, they range from the humorous to the informative to the gross and beyond. A couple of these subreddits glorify and promote the rape of animals.

A few days ago the new CEO of Reddit outlined new content guidelines for Reddit, those guidelines do not address, and do not ban, the subreddits glorifying and promoting animal abuse. These will continue to be allowed and to generate income for Conde Nast and its owner Advance Publications, Inc.

I would think that rational folks can agree that animal rape is not an innocent pastime? The ASPCA has taken a strong stance against this aberrant behavior:

The ASPCA is opposed to bestiality, defined as any sexual contact with an animal by a human. The ASPCA believes that any sexual practice or contact between humans and animals for the sexual gratification of any person is animal exploitation, regardless of the human perpetrators’ beliefs or intentions. (taken from ASPCA position statement.)

When I wrote the original blog post, I also sent 8 letters to advertisers advising them that their ads were appearing on a site that also hosted dog rape propaganda. Two bothered to respond and one of these agreed to re-evaluate their relationship with Reddit.

Today, with the publication of this post, I am also opening a new WordPress blog called Stop Dog Rape. The intent of this blog will be to publish the contact information of Reddit, Conde Nast, Advance Publications, and their advertisers  to promote people to contact them and put pressure on Reddit to reform its practices.

I request that you read the new blog, follow it, and occasionally write a Reddit advertiser to request that they end their relationship until such time as Reddit has taken steps to Stop Dog Rape.