Off to Missouri

18 years ago I landed in California. It was a 4 month position that brought me here. I was here something like 5 years before it really dawned on me that I might be staying. Life can be funny like that. Tomorrow evening I pack up the dogs and head to Missouri. The dogs know something is in the air, they had their first fight in 2 years earlier today.
Added the wiring harness to my car for the trailer lights, replaced a belt and the battery yesterday. Today the trailer got re-wired and the hubs get greased. Tomorrow the trailer hitch goes on the car. Then there is nothing left to do but load the trailer and hit the road.
It will be a long slow ride across the southern route. Rain in the bay means snow in the mountains, and we’ve been getting a fair amount of rain. I can’t imagine I can get there before Sunday. I am going to be babying my little car, the trailer’s max speed is 55, I’ll be putting along with the slowest of the trucks.
I’ve been visiting folks and saying my goodbyes. Had a final Peets coffee as well as southwest nachos from
Pepitos Deli, and a chicken garlic cheese-steak (it had been a while and it was a disappointment how much the quality of
Philadelphia Cheese-steak on University had declined) . Hit Point Isabel twice today, this evening for a final visit, I can’t imagine that Shadow will ever be back again. She enjoyed her last dip in the bay, no way to convey to her that it is all about fresh water from here on out. Just watched the sun set behind the Golden Gate… I guess nothing else is holding me here.


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