Season’s Greetings

Another year over, and a new one about to begin. A time of  assessment and of contemplating the past as well as the future. The year was dominated by the Snowden leaks, while personally it was one of the more boring years of my life. Still exiled to the island of California, that restriction is still 11 months from being lifted.

Whatever your views and beliefs, I hope you have a most enjoyable holiday season. May your paths be warmed with laughter and may happiness light your way.

I am leaving Friday for a 10 day camping trip to Death Valley. Me and my dogs as well as my brother and his dog. This will be my 3rd Christmas at Death Valley (not in a row) and I am looking forward to it. I haven’t seen any of my family in nearly 2 years, so some good quality time with Mike will be much appreciated. The dogs are looking forward to some good  back country time (I am hoping Smokey doesn’t beat up Fido).

So, for all who are reading this; friends, family, and friends I have not met yet; hope your holidays and great and I am looking forward to quality time in the new year!


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