Atheist != Anti-theist

I wrote about atheism on this blog 4 years ago, I’m going to try not to re-hash much of that post in the present one.

I was about 10 when I figured out that there wasn’t a god, I don’t recall a moment of doubt on that question in the 35 plus years since then. Still, I hold nothing against those with other views.  Fundamentalists on the other hand, irritate me to no end. Whether these fundies are Islamists flying planes into buildings or Christians shooting abortion doctors, I find them offensive.

In the same way I find anti-theist fundies just as annoying. (Although to my knowledge no atheist fundie has ever killed anyone to promote his/her beliefs.)  Much internet chatter concerning theism is anti-theistic hate speech. This is just as annoying as the religious fundamentalists.  And there is the rub, fundamentalism is the problem, not religion. The Hitchins and the Harriss’ of the world are just as fundamentalist in their atheism (which is really anti-theism) as the religious fundies are in theirs.

This post really has no other objective than to point out that atheism is not equal to anti-theism. The current debate makes me feel like the animals at the end of Orwell’s Animal Farm, looking through the window, finding it increasingly difficult to tell the pigs from the humans.


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