Questions for Reddit Users

Years ago, when Digg went into decline, I turned to Reddit for a source of quick amusement.  Some time ago I lost interest in the childish humor and quit visiting the site. Recently a friend advocated that I give the site a try again, focusing on the sub-reddits and avoiding the main page. Recently while searching for sub-reddits about dogs, I stumbled upon pages advocating the abuse of animals (I won’t link to them here, but you can find two of them below to cut and paste if you are so inclined) through bestiality.

Rarely when faced with something that offends me do I think, “There ought to be a law,” but in this case it did.  Animal rape is illegal in about two thirds of the United States, there is no Federal regulations regarding it. While still not totally convinced that there ought to be a law, I am certain that as a society we should ostracize those who openly promote the needless abuse of animals in any form.

Reddit is owned by Advance Publications of New York, the same folks who own Conde Nast (Vogue, Wired, Vanity Fair, Ars Technica, etc…) and, interestingly, Parade Magazine. Parade Magazine is the glossy insert that comes with your Sunday newspaper and promotes political conservatism.

For a list of Advance Publications owned magazines and websites, see:

So, for those who use Reddit:

Are you happy that you are supporting a company that profits from animal abuse?

Do you consider the abuse of animals to be a free speech issue?

In scanning (also owned by Advance Publications) this morning, I found an advertisement for IBM which promoted the Cincinnati Zoo.  I sent this feedback to IBM concerning their support of companies that profit from animal abuse:

IBM Corporation
1 New Orchard Road
Armonk, New York 10504-1722
United States

To whom it may concern;

I just came across your advertisement on advocating for the Cincinnati Zoo. I found this interesting because Wired’s parent company, Advance Publications of New York, profits from the promotion of animal abuse.

Besides owning Wired’s umbrella company, Conde Nast, Advance Publications also owns Reddit prominently promotes the abuse of animals on its pages. See for example: and

It is widely established that children can not consent to sex with adults, this is even more true of animals. Every single animal welfare organization opposes this type of abuse.

To find that someone of IBM’s stature is willingly aiding and abetting the promotion of this abuse is disheartening. I urge you to find other outlets for your advertising budget.

I would like to hear your views on this matter. Are you happy that your dollars are supporting a company who profits from animal abuse?

Very sincerely,

John Trapp

What do you think, will you continue to support Reddit knowing that they promote the flagrant and needless abuse of animals?