New Year, New Look

Happy New Year!

As 2012 gasps its final breath, I’ve been refreshing the look (and some content) on my various bastions on the web.

Starting with this blog which has been switched to the Koi theme. Simple and easy to read with a splash of color, it makes a nice start for the new year. Actually I barely post here anymore, my popular content is all years old and mostly tech related.

My micro blog on Tumblr sports more color with a new theme called Royal Cameleon.  I’ve also added my Tumblr RSS feed to the right side of this blog.

My Shutterfly photo gallery has a new color theme.  While Shutterfly doesn’t allow much customization, I think the blue is better than the orange and yellow that it replaces.  Moving from Picasa to Shutterfly was part of my move away from Google services, attempting to regain some privacy.

I’ve also moved both of my websites from Google Sites to Zoho Sites, another free host.  Along with the move came new themes.

My personal website is now bold and dark.  A dark theme works well with this site as there is not a lot of content to read.

Lastly, my philosophy site has undergone major changes.  Along with the new look there is also new content.  While a friend says it reminds him of toothpaste, I like the soft colors and the easy readability of the white background.  I’ve deleted the early Christian archive and am slowly replacing it with a more generic “other thought” page.  I’ve been enjoying the studying up on the other schools of thought necessary to write the new content.  I am now embroiled with Cynicism and Skepticism and should be adding those sections soon.

I am looking forward to a bright new year and hope to bring some more web content to reflect that.

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