Favorite Music Releases of 2012

Last year I was about 10 months late with this list, this year I am a month early.  Before I list my favorite 8 releases of 2012, I want to first list a few albums that nearly made the list.  In no particular order here are 5 albums that nearly made my top 8 list for 2012:

And, now, my favorite album releases of 2012.

8) Corb Lund: Cabin Fever. Canada’s favorite acerbic wit has released his most pop friendly album to date.  While straying from his folk roots he has given up none of his biting sarcasm and good time sound.

7) Kid Rock: Rebel Soul.  Detroit’s favorite rapper returns with another pop album.  Two Detroit based post-rap countryish albums made this list, I really enjoy the sound.

6) Ryan Bingham: Tomorrowland.  Bingham returns with another gravelly voiced album chronicling America’s underbelly.  This album seems more electric than his previous albums.

5) Wrinkle Neck Mules: Apprentice to Ghosts.  You can call them Southern rock or roots country, but their sound remains eternal.  Traditional instrumentation with a wholesome plaintive sound.

4) Bob Wayne: Till the Wheels Fall Off.  More Hank III than Hank III, Wayne hits all of the themes of the country outlaw: trucks, exes, and fighting the law.

3) Uncle Kracker: Midnight Special.  Less auto-tuned than his previous album, Kracker hits all of the right notes to make this Detroit post-rapper’s latest album a fun album.

2) Chuck Mead: Back at the Quonset Hut. This ex BR-549 front man returns with his second solo album.  This album is made up of a dozen country and rockabilly standards, a fun album.

1) Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson: Wreck and Ruin.  This is the second collaboration between this Aussie married couple.  Like any great collaboration the result is more than a sum of its parts.  If you like old-timey with modern sensibilities, this album may be for you.


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