Better Late Than …

So, here it is, mid-August 2012.  What can that mean?  Of course, that means it is time for my favorite music of 2011 list!

I was thinking of writing a review of Corb Lund’s new album, Cabin Fever.  Then I wondered how long it had been since I last reviewed an album on this blog…and it has been awhile.  I was somewhat surprised to note that I had not done my traditional end of year music list last year.  Having done so in both 2009 and 2010, I want to throw something out there to maintain the fledgling tradition.

Of the 26 albums tagged “2011” in my media manager, I pulled my favorite 7, and without further ado:

(I’ve linked the artist name to their web site and the album’s name to a review.)

#7 The Old 97’s: The Grand Theatre Vol. 2

Like 2010’s Vol 1, this album hearkens back to an earlier sound for The Old 97’s.  This is the band that I fell in love with way back in 1996.  Country and Pop is a sound that is hard to successfully straddle, but there is no doubt that the Old 97’s pull it off.

#6 Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Heirloom Music

This album is exactly what the title says, heirloom music.  Culled from the 30s and 40s, this follow up to Come On Back never fails to impress.

#5 The Bottle Rockets: Not So Loud: An Acoustic Evening

Country rock with a real down-home feel, this Bottle Rockets acoustic album still manages to bring out some of the raucous live vibe that they seem to imbue into everything that they do.

#4 The V-Roys: Sooner or Later

This late 90s alt-country band from Knoxville got back together just long enough to release a compilation album and to do one show.  The album is sounds fresh even though the music is 15 years old.

#3 Great American Taxi: Paradise Lost

Is it alt-country or roadhouse?  Whatever label you put on their music, GAT is pure Americana adrenaline.  Had I done this list in a timely manner this album would have been missing because I just got turned on to GAT this past March; all three of their albums are top notch…well worth checking out.

#2 Drive-By Truckers: Go-Go Boots

The Drive-By Truckers put out two albums in 2011.  One was a compilation and this one is new music.  Not as gritty as some of thier earlier works, this album still serves as the face of modern southern rock.

#1 Bob Wayne: Outlaw Carnie

This is country music with a metal attitude.  Outlaw country has lost its sound becoming just another carcass picked over by Nashville.  Well, Bob Wayne is taking it back, and taking it back big.

Maybe late, but these 7 artists will stand the test of time…check ’em out.


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