G+, not living up to the promise (hype?)

About the only good thing I can say about Google’s descent into social networking is that it motivated me to finally delete my Facebook account.

On FB I networked with people I know (or once knew, or once thought I knew…).  What I discovered is that there is a reason I lost contact or have minimal contact with those folks.  They are mostly a bunch of religious wackos and cheerleaders of war.  As I interacted I bounced between being offended and being outraged…the positive interactions were there but seemed muted in comparison. Maybe it is just me?

On G+ I networked with followed people who seemed interesting, few people I know in the meat world are utilizing G+.  Most of my posts just hung in the echo chamber…no feedback…no interaction…hello…hello?…

My conclusion after this short (months long) experiment is that FB is for the dirty unwashed masses and G+ is for the elites (whether economic, media, political, or technical).

It’s true, everyone is on FB.  But the majority of users are posturing, many of the rest lack self censorship, and the remainder seem to bring their psychological baggage out for all to see.

G+ is designed for those in the higher status strata…they talk down to the masses (consumers). G+ is exactly the social network that would grow out of a bunch of advertisers getting together and attempting to build a social network as an ad platform.  One way conversations, the all important brand, form over function, the elite setting the tone, the sheeple along for the ride to consume the crumbs.

While I haven’t yet deleted my Google profile, I have quit viewing it as a social platform.  For whatever reason, Google seems incapable of creating a platform that promotes 2 way interactions.

The final straw was the release of the G+ for Android update.  Pictures dominate even when they are unrelated to the post. Text is reduced to small snippets overlaying the pictures, often unreadable due to lack of contrast.  Designed for consumption, for the promotion of brands, and obviously not for the masses; G+ wildly misses the mark of a usable social network.  I deleted the app from my phone, unusable for anything but consumption.

I’ve stopped using G+ for micro blogging and went crawling back to Tumblr, a much better fit.

Now the question.  Did G+ fail to live up to its promise?  Or did the promise succumb to the (media) hype?

Comments? Experiences?

I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know.


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