2011: Not the Year of the Linux Desktop

But, really, who cares?  For all but the most demanding tasks, the desktop is dead.  Linux has already stomped the smartphone/tablet competition, the only real competition is that fruity proprietary OS, but the slobs of Cupertino are too busy counting money and choking their chicken to offer up any real innovation (it seems all they can do is steal ideas, file patents, and sue…and that’s not innovation!). Microsoft currently has the most innovative smartphone OS…with the next two both running Linux (WebOS and Android).

What about servers…  How is Windows and the fruity OS doing there?  Linux continues its march….the competition swamped in its wake.  Microsoft’s OS continues to loose share and the fruity OS share gets lost in the noise.

And super computers?  455 of the top 500 run Linux!  Four and a half out of five!

Proprietary is so 90s…why haven’t you switched yet?

So who cares about the year of the desktop? We are in the decade of Linux dominance.  It may not be long until I have to switch to Windows just to maintain some diversity in computing.  (I think Win 8 is the most daring thing going on in the industry.)

What’s your views?  Still happy with Windows?  Locked in to the fruity OS?  Happy with the proprietary way you are hand fed?


4 thoughts on “2011: Not the Year of the Linux Desktop

  1. Linux has a place. But so does Windows and Apple. I don’t care for the Apple thing. I detest Apple as a matter of fact. If I had more confidence in my ability to maintain a Linux install I would go that route for sure. At this juncture having tried many different versions of Linux I have decided to stay with Windows as my OS of choice. There are choices and I have made mine .

    Linux Ubuntu is definitely a step in the right direction but every time I did an update it trashed my install. I have too much invested in a prop. system at this point to fool around with being my own sys adminitstrator and all the other responsibilty that comes with a linux install.

    Sorry , but as long as I pay my Norton subscription yearly and keep it and my windows updates current, I am good to go and quite happy .

    1. Agree with your comment. Next time you replace your computer, keep the old one to play with linux on.

      I knew when I posted that I was over the top;-)

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