Out, Out, Out of Here

While I don’t feel much like posting, I figure that I owe a post…so here it is.

The original plan was to head over to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico to chill and clear our head before journeying East…but you know what they say about life and plans?  Instead we will hightail it to Michigan for the funeral of the Popster. Going “home” is always tinged with trauma, this trip is more traumatic then usual.

I have a craigslist rider going to Chicago.  She can’t drive but brings gas and conversation to the table.  Taking off out of here tonight at 11:30 (Monday).  I would expect to be in Monroe on Thursday…but don’t really have a deadline other than to be there in time to shave and shower Saturday morning.

After 4 or 5 days it is off to the Knoxville area.  The current plan is to spend about 5 weeks there, with little trips from there.  I certainly want to check out Ashville, NC; and  a trip into PA to Dr. Tod’s grave (I’ve been remiss not to pay my respects sooner); maybe into NY to see a friend I haven’t seen in years, the Atlantic coast sounds appealing, and of course I will go to Columbia MO.

I have to be back on the West coast for Independence Day, then I will make the decision whether to pack it in and head back East of the Mississippi or to take a trip over to the Gold Country to find my piece of paradise…updates along the way can be tracked at my Tumble Page.  My phone and email remain the same, and I will get my mail forwarded monthly.

Maybe when I feel more chipper along the way I will post a better explanation…maybe not.


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