Good Day to Be An Android User

Despite T-mobile being bought up by the shit hole AT&T, necessitating anyone who wants good service to find a new provider, despite that….

Amazon’s App Store is sure to be a hit (despite being currently blocked from AT&T phones).  With AT&T blocking them, and Apple suing them over the name, they are sure to be a hit–when 2 of the biggest creepiest companies in the USA line up against you, you can be sure that you are on the right path.  The free app daily is enough to make me go check it out on a regular basis.  Yesterday they offered Angry Birds, which is not my style of game, so I passed.  Today it is the World Series of Poker, a giant file but I am checking it out anyway.

I am sure that it is only a matter of time before Amazon puts out a budget tablet for the masses.  (At this point in time, only the wealthy can afford tablets…the fact that they are really good for very little, puts them out of most of our reaches.)

We all heard that Firefox finally got around to releasing version 4 of its best-of-class web browser.  What may have slipped under the radar was the release of Firefox 4 Mobile RC.  Holy cow, this browser has come a long ways and now rivals that built into Android.  Also of note was the release of Opera Mobile 11…choice is good.

In other news, Apple is suing an Android porn store.  No longer content with their own puritanical views, Apple attempts to force them onto other platforms.  You can’t make shit like this up.  Apple thinks they own the word “app”.

Every day I thank the goddess that MS beat the totalitarian fucks into the ground in round 1.  As bad as Gates and Co is, they don’t hold a candle to the pure evil wafting out of Cupertino.

But hey!  It is a good day to use Android.


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