How Times Have Changed…

When the Viet Nam War expanded in 1970/71 to include strikes into Cambodia and Laos, the US anti-war movement was up in arms.  Mass walkouts and protests culminated in the Kent State shootings.  The expansion of the war led to Australia and New Zealand leaving the battlefield.  This was followed shortly thereafter with the release of the Pentagon Papers and subsequently  to the US retreat.

Fast forward 40 years.  Another president fighting a losing war not of his choosing decides to expand into other countries in a last ditch effort to stem the tide of insurgents.  Strikes in Pakistan and Yemen escalate sharply. Where is the outrage?  Where is the protest?  As in the past, government leaks expose the entire criminal enterprise, but there is nary a peep let alone a concerted effort to put an end to it.

The times have changed, but it is WE who have failed the test.


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