Election apathy 2010 (rant)

Out here on the Left Coast there is much nail biting and hand wringing over the upcoming loss of at least one house of congress (and maybe both).

I don’t really understand it, it is not like we have been living in some left wing Mecca for the past 2 years.  With the Dems in control of both houses of Congress, a super majority in one of them, and a popular president in the White House, what have they accomplished?

As our roads, canals, bridges, rails, etc, etc…crumble from lack of funding, did we divert any of the money being siphoned off to foreign wars to its upkeep?  Nope, Obama’s war spending is indistinguishable from that of Bush.

Firmly in control for two solid years, what do the Dems have to show for it?  I would argue, not a single thing.  Costs of healthcare continue to spiral, Guantanamo prison is still open, the income disparity continues to increase at alarming rates, the pirates of wall street have moved into Obama’s cabinet, our critical infrastructure continues to rot, our treasure still goes off to fund ill-conceived foreign occupations, our trade deficit continues to accelerate, relationships with our neighbors have not improved, the national debt spirals like nothing before, home foreclosures continue to escalate, homelessness goes up with joblessness, and it goes on and on.

Our representatives have been bought and paid for, on any true issue there is not a divide between the parties, they are in complete lock step agreement.  Sure they pay lip service to differences on things like abortion and global warming.  But while there is a difference in their rhetoric, there is zero difference in their policies.  The laws are written by corporate lobbyists while the so-called representatives are off on corporate sponsored junkets.

And what are the great debates this election season?  What grand scheme does either side have to fire up their base and get the middle excited?  Not a single damned thing.  Voter apathy is at an all time high, with fewer than 18% voting in the primaries.  If that doubles for the general election we will celebrate the high turnout.  That’s right, things are so dismal that we celebrate when little more than a third of the population goes to the polls.  In Afghanistan or Iraq, we would count such results a huge failure.

And this election season goes on, ho-hum.  No grand debate, nothing to see here.  Instead we focus on a nut from Delaware and pot in California.  Meanwhile, our treasure is siphoned off, our infrastructure rots, and our kids are not getting educated.

Welcome to the circus.

It would surely be funny if it were not so serious.

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