Put “Joe” on the Airplane

The rest of my visitor’s trip went as planned, see previous post.

The coastal drive was spectacular.  Somehow I’ve neglected that part of the coast South of Big Sur and North of San Simeon.  I’ve only been that way once or twice and had forgotten how beautiful it is.  There was some fog, but it burned off at mid-day.  We didn’t get to see any whales but we did get a gaggle of elephant seals up close and personal.

Fishwife, once again, served up fresh and succulent fish in a comfortable atmosphere for a fair price.  I think Mike turned me on to this place, but I’ve managed to get there half a dozen times since.  The restaurant is across the border from Monterey in Seaside. (Check it out on yelp.)

The Monterey Aquarium was a huge hit with my guest.  $30 is kind of steep for someplace that takes about 2 hours to see, but I always find it worth the price.  Joe got to see lots of stuff that was new to him and presented with awe inspiring style.  The aquarium has added a Flamingo exhibit which was cool because I spent part of March scouring Florida for flamingos, quite unsuccessfully.

Yesterday was a full day.  The morning trip to the Haight was no where near as bad as I imagined it might be.  We got over there at about 11, the shops were all open but the crowds hadn’t yet started.  It was the warmest I had ever seen it in that part of the City, rarely does a t-shirt feel too warm on that side of the peninsula.  Then up to the Golden Gate to cap the whole visit with Bay vistas of all the bridges, the City from a different view point, and Alcatraz Island.

Getting back to the East Bay by 2:30, we ordered Joe’s prints and ate a seafood buffet in San Pablo, picking the photos up on the way back home.  I spent the evening coaching Joe on airport protocol and trying to give him enough insight to change planes in Chicago.

Then up at 4:30 this morning to get Joe up and to the airport.  I helped him check his bag, went through our checklist of steps he needed to take to make his next flight, and was back home by 6:30.  If Joe makes his transfer and gets home safely, the trip for him (and therefore me, also) was a big win.

Now, after over a month, I get my normal life back…more like 2 months once you figure in prepping for the trek east.