Entertaining Guests

It is a week today since “Joe” and I landed back in California.  I had big plans for what I would do while Joe was in town…most of them have fallen flat.  I am not the most highly motivated individual (I hope this surprises no one), and to be forced into the prime motivator’s chair is somewhat discombobulating.  I’ve done my best to rise to the occasion, but it often seems to fall short.

I had to work three days upon my return, so that left Joe to his own devices, which mostly consisted of watching The Adams Family on Hulu.  Monday I had a meeting in the City, I had thought we would go to Muir Woods or the Haight on the way, but we were short on time.  So we ended up spending Monday morning checking out the architecture, the freaks, and the art in Civic Square and UN Plaza; I think Joe enjoyed it.  We ended Monday with a trip up to Grizzly Peak to watch the fog roll in and engulf the City across the bay.  Tuesday we headed over to Muir Woods, always a hit with out of town guests…if first contact with the Redwoods don’t excite you, then you might want to consider crawling back into your box.    I wasn’t disappointed, they were as awe inspiring for Joe as for me, and we mostly did the 3 mile walk without complaint.

With 5 days left to entertain Joe, we are going to take the 101 South to San Luis Obispo today….not much to see, it mostly follows the leeward side of the coastal range through Steinbeck country.  It is pretty in a rural agrarian way, but Joe is unfamiliar with Steinbeck.  Then tomorrow we will wake up and and drive the coast back North…through Cambria, through Big Sur, and up to Monterey where we will get another room and eat seafood, probably at Fish Wives, my favorite and default restaurant in Monterey.  Then Friday a visit to the aquarium and a hop back to the Bay before traffic closes in on us.

Small things over the weekend, nothing big or fancy planned; then Monday over to the Haight for sight seeing and souvenir hunting.  That will be long and drawn out…hopefully not frustrating.

I will spend Monday night coaching Joe for his plane ride home on Tuesday…if he manages to switch planes, Joe gets home in time for rush hour Tuesday.

Then I get my life back….