A Great Leader vs A Poor Leader

Roosevelt put people to work during hard times.  He built infrastructure: bridges, tunnels, trails and other things that helped lead us to prosper later on.  Go to any national park and you see the results: stone walls, trails, lodges, and other great works that still stand over half a century latter.  These will probably still be standing half a century from now.
Compare this to the hot tar projects that nObama funded. These “shovel ready” projects are mostly shit.  I’ve seen nObama’s crappy hot tar paths right next to Roosevelt’s 70 year old achievements…the differences are startling. These new projects won’t last ten years, let alone a hundred.
nObama lacks the vision and force of personality that makes a great leader. At this point I would be happy to see him rise to the level of mediocrity. But I won’t hold my breath waiting.

What I wouldn’t give to have candidate Obama as president instead of the incompetent war criminal we are saddled with.

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