Vacation Bound

Tomorrow I take off on vacation.  As previously posted my trip is about traveling  cross country via secondary roads.   2700 miles, no freeways.

I have a rider lined up for the first half a day, then it is just me and the dogs for a 10 day cross country excursion.  Tentatively I plan to spend the first night in the Inyo NF over near Mono Lake.  After driving through the heat of Nevada, we plan to spend the second night over at Great Basin NP.  Night 3 should find us in the mountains of central Utah.  Then it gets a little ambiguous.  Another day or two to Rocky Mountain NP where we hope to spend a few days.  Then another few days over to Columbia Missouri, arriving on July 30.  Spend a few days there then head up to Michigan to arrive on August 4.  The trip’s route can be found on google docs, here.  Should I not arrive somewhere, the route can be used to back track.

In Michigan I plan to visit with friends and do the Trapp Family Reunion.  I think I did the family reunion 10 years ago, and previous to that was another 10 or 15 years.  I will be lucky if I know half the people there.

On the night of the 8th I pick a rider up in Toledo, jump on I-80 West and bee line straight back home to arrive on the 11th.  Two weeks to get there, 3 days to get home.  I have to be in the office on the 12th (so I can start getting ready for my fall vacation to Oregon.)

I don’t expect to have much phone/internet coverage this trip, so posting to Tumblr will be sporadic, but I will still do it when possible.  You can follow me on Tumblr here.

It all sounds like fun times…but first I have to get through the 10 hour workday today, load my van tonight, and hit the road tomorrow right after the dog park.

The van is running good, thanks to Rich.  I replaced the battery last week and Rich put a new starter in over the weekend…a $200 part…ouch.

I don’t have the cash that I thought I would have for the trip, but it should be a fairly low budget affair if I stay out of restaurants and hotels.

But first…I have to get through the work day…

Edit: The beauty of this trip is that 70% or so of the east bound leg is on roads that I have never traveled (and I will be visiting each small town along the way).  Add to that the fact that I will visit four National Parks, two of them for the first time, and you get a great summer road trip.


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