Credit Where Credit is Due

Mark this day, as it is not often that I give a murderous bunch of thugs a pat on the back. But that is exactly what this post is about.
The Oakland Police Department did a great job of gassing off and defusing the anger after the Mehserle verdict came in last week.
There was some looting, a bit of rioting, and 83 arrests. Most of the arrests were outside agitators, self described anarchists bent on causing grief for the poorest and most despairing in Oakland. These are mostly young folks who think it is a game to enter a poor neighborhood, stir up trouble, get poor people beaten and arrested, then fade back to their middle class lives. In short, these outsiders are the lowest of the low, lower even than the police. And we have already agreed that the police are a murderous bunch of thugs.
When the Mehserle verdict came in, there were those in Oakland genuinely hurting, there were those who were/are aggrieved and needed to vent to keep their sanity. Into the mix, came the spoiled white kids, with their masks and their molotovs they came to Oakland to battle with the police with the poor and dispossessed there to take the baton to the skull on their behalf.
The police did a good job of separating the two. Letting the aggrieved sound off while corralling and side-lining those whose only goal was a police riot.
These self-professed anarchists are not anarchists at all. Instead they are some of the most enslaved in our society. They talk of freedom but have no idea how to live free. They are so stuck in their little world of being personally affronted by parents, teachers, petty bureaucrats and the police. With no idea of what constitutes liberty and freedom, they accept no blame for their own conditions. Unable to even think free, they have no idea how to live free. Enslaved by their own sloth and ineptitude they seek only to destroy. Unable to see the inconsistencies of begging for handouts by day and calling for the end of the state by night. Never realizing that if the state disappeared that they would starve to death.
These people are not anarchists, they are bums, grifters, and ne’er-do-wells bent only on destruction. I’ve got to give the OPD credit for separating the herd from the wolves, and for treating the predators like the pariahs that they are. Pariahs bent on the destruction of the community with no idea what to raise in its place.
A true anarchist does not seek to destroy, but to create. With masks and truncheons, there is not a drop of creativity and the world is made less stable, less livable by their actions. If the world you seek to create is loving and bold then there is no room for hatred and cowardice in its creation. If the means do not justify the ends, then the ends becomes unattainable. These masked youth have more in common with the oppressors than they do to the oppressed.


One thought on “Credit Where Credit is Due

  1. Right on John, would like to see other anarchists doing something positive rather than stirring up trouble for people less experienced in butting heads with the police. I like to ask the police haters what are they doing about drunk driving and domestic violence? Keep telling it like it is.

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