Adobe Flash: You Win Some…

…You Lose Some

With the imminent release of Linux Mint 9 KDE RC1, I decided to check the status of Flash on Linux.

Let’s back up a second.  The headline implied that I would start with a win for Flash.

I am currently running 10.1 beta 3 on my phone, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  Flash games for mobile are snappy and fun, video from news sites has been streamed flawlessly, all in all, Adobe has done a great job.  With the good feeling that the mobile version left me, I decided to check out the linux version.

The only descriptive word that comes to mind when thinking about Flash on desktop Linux is “choke”.  Because that is exactly what my computer does when trying to watch Flash video on Linux…choke, stutter, and lock up.  Not a fun experience.  But since Flash is still a necessary evil, this makes the entire Linux experience on the desktop unusable for me.  The internet without usable Flash is not the internet that I know and am used to.  In five years time, perhaps living without Flash will be less of a sacrifice, but as of now, it is a sacrifice that I am not prepared to make.  It was Adobe’s Flash that ran me off of Linux nearly two years ago, and it is still the hang up today.

While on the subject of Flash, Phoronix has posted a series of graphic tests using OS X, Ubuntu, and Win 7.  The tests are all run on a fairly modern Mac Mini (equivalent to a 4 year old desktop pc)…hardware that OS X should be optimized to run on.  So how did OS X do on these tests?  Go read the results yourself, but the short answer is that Ubuntu’s admittedly crappy graphics drivers beat out those of OS X…and they were both creamed by Win 7’s.  Steve Jobs should get off of his high horse and put some R&D money into OS X.  His continuous whining about Adobe only serves to emphasize the need for him to get his own house in order.