RIP Turtle Dog (2007-2010)

From Drop Box

Turtle Dog’s real name was Myrtle…she was a great little dog. My dad got her as a puppy and her and Smokey grew up together. We haven’t seen as much of her since she moved to Missouri (the above picture was taken in Death Valley, Xmas 2007.) Turtle was born with a bad heart and she was never what one would call healthy, but she had a good life despite her health. She never let her bad heart prevent her from throwing down with Smokey, she was always ready to defend her toys or her favorite spot… She will be missed.

Mike writes up a better eulogy for the Turtle Dog.


3 thoughts on “RIP Turtle Dog (2007-2010)

  1. You know what’s weird? I believe it is unrelated, but it is still weird… Both Star and Myrtle were diagnosed after catching kennel cough from Smokey. Smokey has had kennel cough twice….over two years apart. The first time Myrtle went to the vet with kennel cough and they found her bad heart. Two years later, the same thing happened to Star. Then they died a week apart…. I think that is weird.

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