Open Letter to Adobe

I am a pretty loyal Adobe customer. I’ve bought 3 versions of Photoshop Elements over the years. I would prefer Photoshop, but it is very expensive. I recently upgraded to PSE 8 (side note: why no upgrade pricing?), appreciating the smoother integration with Windows 7.

So why did I have to waste part of my Sunday morning convincing Adobe that I was not a thief?

Wanting to do a quick photo edit before I headed out to the dog park, I fired up PSE only to be greeted by a notice that I had activated the software on 2 computers and that I need to deactivate it on one before using it on this computer. “But wait,” I futilely protested, “I formatted that drive BEFORE installing it on this computer, how’m I gonna deactivate it?” Only silence in return.

So I am forced to the Adobe support page where I quickly find a link to chat with a support person and, 20 minutes later, I have a working PSE.

I bet that it would not be any more inconvenient to download CS5 Master Collection from a file sharing site and crack the activation as it was to use my bought and paid for PSE. What’s up with that?

Accusing me of thievery, and forcing me to jump through hoops to use the software that I paid for, really makes it difficult to choose your products in the future.

To some extent I understand the draconian activation process, CS5 is a valuable professional package. But Photoshop Elements? This comes free with many cameras, scanners, tablets, etc… I give you almost $100 for it and you treat me like a thief. Once again, Adobe, “What’s up with that?”


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