Apple, Gizmodo: Redux

The Christian Science Monitor has an oppinion piece up entitled: iPhone, Gizmodo, and moral clarity about crime

Following is a comment that I sent the Monitor concerning the essay.

Stuart Green provided interesting commentary on the ongoing Gizmodo iPhone outing and its aftermath.  In his essay Green asks, “what explains the apparent sympathy” for Gizmodo “and hostility toward Apple and the San Mateo police”? I would like to provide another possible answer to the 4 conjectured by Green.
To my understanding, neither Apple nor Hogan[sic] reported the phone stolen until after it was returned. Weeks after it had lost the phone–and after the phone was returned to them–they reported it stolen. The next day the San Mateo police broke down the door of the Gizmodo editor’s house while he was out and about. It has been widely reported that the computer crime unit, REACT, led the raid. It has long been known that Apple sits on the steering committee of the REACT Task Force. (See
More likely than Green’s conjectures, is that people are reacting to the disproportionate response and to the appearance that the police are taking their orders from Apple Inc. While Apple may not be directing police behavior, it is clear and evident that they are getting special treatment. Many, myself included, reject this as outrageous; this rejection is then interpreted as sympathy for Gizmodo.


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