Jack Herer, Dead at 70

If anyone can take the credit (or the blame) for the loosening of pot laws it is Jack Herer.  His 1985 publication (and numerous re-publications) of  The Emperor Wears No Clothes is what brought marijuana reform to the public’s consciousness.

In my few interactions with Jack, I found him rather rude; but that in no way diminishes his profound and lasting imprint on society.  The candle he sparked while preparing his book has blossomed into a beacon that will not be extinguished.

Today, do two things in memory of Jack; spark a spliff in his memory and read a book to learn something new.  You never know what impact the insight will have.


3 thoughts on “Jack Herer, Dead at 70

  1. Thanks for commenting urdead. I found enough of the strain Jack Herer (left over from a recent vacation) to twist one in Jack’s memory last night.
    The old guard activists, the movement generators, are dying off. The new guard activists, the industry generators, are taking their places. It remains to be seen if the forward momentum can be maintained in the face of the inevitable backlash.

    Funny anecdote: My house mate did not know Jack was a real person, she only knew him as a strain…

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