Florida: Starting Home

Soon we were watching Big Cypress disappear in the review mirror. Back through Naples and North on 75 as far as Ft. Myers on the Gulf coast where we got a room. Early the next afternoon we we drove over to St. James on Pine Island to visit Jay and Cecie. They have a nice place right on a canal. They loaded us all up in their boat and we went putting around the canals. Even here there was much wildlife and we saw eagles, storks, numerous other birds, and even dolphins. When we stopped to fuel the boat, Smokey fell off and I had to fish her out of the canal. Then we took a quick spin out into the Gulf and around a small mangrove island. Back on dry land our hosts took us to check out an eagles nest. We watched the eagles fly from the nest making eagle calls…the first time I had heard them.
Bald Eagle
After this we went back to Jay and Cecie’s place where we were served a nice dinner and spent a while chatting it up before heading back to our room in Ft. myers.
The next day we drove up to Tallahassee in the pan handle and got another room. From there we dropped back South to drive along the coast. We found some beaches that were barren except for us and did some hiking and playing with the dogs. Having a nice sandy white beach to ourselves was extremely pleasant. We also did some hikes in the national forest, then we pointed the car north and west and drove on back to Columbia, mo, where we arrived early Thursday morning.
Spent most of Thursday lounging and napping. Then a long weekend eating good and catching up with the popster. This pretty much brings me up to this writing…next episode will conclude the trip and probably won’t be written before Easter.


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