Band: Backyard Tire Fire

Backyard Tire Fire have been out 7 or 8 years and have released more than 5 albums.  A few days ago they released their newest, “Good to Be”.

I found out about the band from reading Roots Music Report just a few days ago.  There is a 24 minute live recording of the band from June of last year on NPR’s Mountain Stage (well worth a listen).

I’ve already bought a few of their albums off Amazon MP3, I love their sound from throughout their career.  A lot of their music sounds like a melding of Wilco with the Bottle Rockets, as if those two had had a child.

Here are a couple of reviews of their new album: Snob’s Music and Pop Matters.

Stumbling on these guys reminds me of how much great music is out there waiting for me to discover it.

Here is a video from their 2008 release, “The Places We Lived”.  It is called “How in the Hell Did You Get Back Here?”