Food, diet, and sustenance

I thought I would follow up my post on orthorexia with a post on diet and nutrition.

Beginning with the first of this year I started phasing out all food that was not meat, fruits, and vegetables.  For the past month the switch has been complete.  Gone is all processed foods, all weird chemical fats, grains, potatos, dried beans, and dairy.  I have been subsisting on meat, fruit, and veggies only.

The result has been that I am hungry all the time, I went from a meal and snacks a day to five meals a day and still wake up ravenous.  I figured that since I have been eating so much that I must be gaining weight, but that was not the case.  To combat this, I doubled my meat intake.  That dealt with the always hungry issue and allowed me to drop back to the normal three meals a day.

The result has been more energy, more motivation, improved clarity of thought, and improved outlook.

Once I became stable on this reduced diet, I decided to add back in some of the foods that I cut out.  A few days ago I added back in corn, rice, and oats.  At the same time I excluded nightshades, since I already was not eating potatoes, this meant excluding tomatoes and eggplant.

My improved well being has continued.  I had no idea that diet could have such a profound effect on thought and emotion.

Now I eat lean meat, fish and seafood, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and moderate amounts of brown rice, slightly processed corn and oats, and tree nuts (almond milk and almond flour).

I eat no dairy, no added salt, no dried beans, no nightshades, no gluten, very limited added fats (so far only olive and grapeseed oils), and no ham, bacon, or hot dogs (my processed meat is limited to trendy sausages).

My intention is to eat this way for another three weeks and then decide if I need any modifications to my diet.

I’ve been using the Paleo Diet as a (loose) guide to deciding what to eat.  It is basically the Paleo Diet plus common sense.

The main drawback to this diet is that it is not sustainable as it relies heavily on animal protein.

The main surprise has been how easy it is.  I don’t really miss anything except dairy and I have had no problems yet finding substitutes…  Shopping is a breeze, hit the fresh produce section and the meat section and leave.  The entire center aisles can be skipped.  I think I am spending slightly more on groceries but I am saving that by not eating out.

Last night’s dinner consisted of salmon patties, brussel sprouts, and a slaw made from shredded broccoli and carrots.  The main thing I notice is that food tastes good and I look forward to meals.

Edit: Since writing this post I’ve discovered that peppers are nightshades.  So I won’t be abstaining from nightshades.  Instead I will put them, along with soy, on the eat sparingly list.