After the Hype

After months (years?) of speculation and hype, the veil was finally removed, Steve Jobs showed off Apple’s newest schlock.  I am going to withhold judgement on the device.  Nothing seems over whelming about the device, but it is early.  I will wait until it is out in the wild before judgement.

When the iPhone was released, I had two initial comments, 1) $500  is a lot of money for a phone with a 2 year contract, and 2) I doubted that Apple had the ability to make light weight software.  The price soon fell into line with other smart phones and Apple showed that it had the ability to write light weight software.  The iPhone still is nothing that I would desire, I like my computing open and free.  Still I can respect that it turned out to be a good and solid entry into the phone wars.  Even though I would not get an iPhone, everyone benefits from it being out there and setting the bar.  I am a certified geek, but Apple’s gadgets and kitsch do nothing to incite the lust that so many other gadgets do.  I guess that the thought of a gadget that I must jailbreak to make usable, just doesn’t do it for me.

It is not clear that Apple will make more sales from this device, or just cannibalize the existing iPod touch.

Not much more to add…other than that god-awful name…the iPad?  Who thought that up?

If I was into a $500 tablet, I would look to Asus.

Edit: Rarely do I find a thoughtful person who sums up what I believe, without hyperbole or sarcasm, just the unvarnished truth, check out this blog on Silicon Valley.


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