Obligatory Apple Hype Post

Once again the iTablet release is said to be imminent.  Yeah, we’ve heard it before…maybe it is real this time.

The folks at Xconomy have a story up about Apple today.  The story explores how a closed cloistered company like Apple can foster the openness of creative professionals.  They refer to it as the Apple Paradox and basically sum it up as a benign dictatorship led by Steve Jobs.  I really have nothing to add…but I would like to explore a personal experience I had last week.

My house mate goes to Expression College, a top school for creative professionals.  Last week he took me on a tour of his school.  During our walk I noted 9 computer labs full of Power Mac towers, nice shiny gleaming, top of the line.  What I found interesting is that of the 9 labs I checked in on, 7 of them were running Windows XP.

With this incite, I have to wonder how long Apple will be seen as the choice of creative professionals.