Why is Google Using IE 6?

We’ve all heard about Google getting hacked by the Chinese government, and their (Google’s) subsequent pulling out of the Chinese market.  It was big news.  Google even hacked the Taiwanese based servers used in the attack to trace it back to China.  Big news, common knowledge.

But now, the attack code has been released.  And lo and behold, it leverages a flaw in IE6.  Google, the makers of Chrome, are running IE 6 on their corporate desktops.  Here is a quote from Cnet:

Microsoft issued a warning on Thursday about the new hole and said it was working on a patch. The vulnerability affects IE 6, 7 and 8 on all the modern versions of Windows, including Windows 7, according to Microsoft’s advisory. Microsoft said IE 6 was the browser version being used on the computers that were targeted in the attacks.

WTF?  The same people who think it is important to get the rest of the world off of IE 6 are using it themselves.  This is fail of epic proportions.


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