15 Best Albums of 2009, A Biased List

I tried…I really tried…

But I just could not trim the list down to a top 10, so 15 it is–and be thankful that I got it below 20.  The pain it took to prune this list is a testament to the quality of music being released.  If you have other ideas and choices, leave a comment below.

(Hint: You can stream music from most artist’s sites these days.)

15) The Band of Heathens: One Foot in the Ether.  Second studio release from this Austin based group.  A review the band’s homepage.

14) Son Volt: American Central Dust.  A tight album, good to see them back at it.  A review,   the band’s homepage.

13) Wolfmother: Cosmic Egg.  If you like 70s rock, you will love these Australian guitar rockers.  A reviewthe band’s homepage.

12) Will Hoge: The Wreckage.  He has put out 10 albums in 12 years, this is the only one I’ve heard.  A review, the band’s homepage.

11) Wilco: Wilco (The Album).  The best Wilco since Summerteeth.  A review, the band’s homepage.

10) Steve Earle: Townes.  I must say I did not care for this album the first time I heard it, but it has grown on me pushing it into the top 10.  A review, the artist’ homepage.

9) Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar.  The sophomore solo album from the talented Drive-By Trucker.  A review, the artist’s homepage.

8) Justin Townes Earle: Midnight at the Movies.  Shows a lot of advancement since his first release, pushing him ahead of his father’s 2009 release.  A review, the artist’s page on Bloodshot Records.

7) Jessie James: Jessie James.  Kind of like Miranda Lambert with more pop.  A review, the artist’s page.

6) The Flatlanders: Hills and Valleys.  This super group is incapable of putting out a bad album.  A review, the band’s site.

5) Antje Duvekot: The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer.  This album deserves every folk album of the year award offered, it is that good.  A reveiw, the artist’s page.

4) The Bottle Rockets: Lean Forward.  A decent release, typical Bottle Rockets styled mid-West rock.  A review, the band’s page.

–These last three could have gone in any order.

3) The Dustin Bentall Outfit: Six Shooter.  This Canadian’s sophomore release show cases some of the best songwriting available.  A review, the artist’s page.

2) Ryan Bingham: Roadhouse Sun.  He can pull this album off because he is a true cowboy.  Country music rarely has this much soul in it.  A review, the artist’s page.

1) Chuck Mead: Journeyman’s Wager.  Former front-man for BR549, this solo debut shows that country music has a future.  A review, artist’s page.

Honorable mentions go to:

  • Drive-By Truckers: The Fine Print;
  • Charlie Robison: Beautiful Day;
  • Miranda Lambert: Revolution; and,
  • The Road Hammers: The Road Hammers II.

What did you listen to in 2009?

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