Chrome OS, first thoughts

The collective woosh you heard yesterday as Google unveiled its OS, Chrome, was the sound of every MS executive exhaling together.  I am sure that when Chrome OS was first announced, the Redmond elite were worried.  After yesterday’s overview, I am sure they are relieved.

Chrome OS seems more like something that belongs on a phone than on a PC.  The whole no native apps things make it more of a toy than a PC replacement.  I guess netbooks are going to get smaller and less powerful as time goes on and Google will be there with an OS.  But if all it runs is web apps, then it is nothing short of premier adware.

I would think it would be better to do some work on Android and use it, why should the phone OS be more powerful than one designed for netbooks?

While Chrome OS has some interesting engineering being put into it, its crippled nature will prevent any but the most superfluous of adoption.  I was excited before the release, now my only response is, “Yawn…”  After the announcement I was not even left with the curiosity to download the vmware image.


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