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Since returning from vacation almost a month ago I’ve been having a rougher than usual time getting back into my hometown groove.  There was no “back from vacation” bump in my productivity, no refreshed view of work in general.  My first day back I was forced to fire an employee who majorly f…ed up (and off) while I was gone.  And things really haven’t improved since then.

So what is a guy to do?

My thinking goes that since I left and came back and seem unable to assimilate, maybe if I left and came back again it would all work out better.  With that logic in mind, I’ve decided to make a trip down Texas way starting next week.  Big Bend National Park has been on my to do list for years…maybe it is time to scratch that itch and get that item off my list.  So Monday I am taking off for two and and a half weeks.  I plan on spending that time touring southern New Mexico and west Texas…it is something to do…

And if all works as planned, perhaps I will return with a better attitude towards my life…or perhaps not…we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it…