And I am off….

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Three months in the planning, a thousand dollars worth of extra gear, and the moment of truth has finally arrived…

Tomorrow, Sept 1, I leave my idyllic home in Berkeley and head East…across California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri to the sleepy little college town of Columbia.  I plan to spend a long 4 day labor day weekend with family.

Then the following Tuesday morning, September 8, I will get dropped off north of St Joseph Missouri for a 350 mile canoe trip.  Alone, except for Smokey, I intend to canoe 25 miles a day for two weeks, bringing me back to Columbia MO.

Originally, I intended to canoe 500 miles in that same time period, but the realities of the open water got in my way.

My phone is off….occasionally when I have coverage I will fire it up and make a post to Tumblr, sometimes I’ll include a picture.  The Tumblr updates will be low res phone pictures and a few words, more status messages than actual posts.

I also hope to do one more post here before launching off on the river.  Sometime over Labor day I will attempt to post a picture here of my planned end point along with whatever comes up between now and then.

Since reading Mark Twain as a child I have had every boy’s dream of a raft trip down the Mississippi…the adventure, the danger, the excitement…  At 44, many of the old childhood dreams have died, but occasionally one creeps out from under the bed and demands attention, this is evidently one of those.  And while the raft is a canoe and the Mississippi is the Missouri, for me it lacks none of the magic.  And having the Smokester along will definitely make it an adventure.

Sixty miles drifting through open farmland, than a hundred miles of urban buildup taking us through St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Atchison, and Kansas City, followed by 200 miles taking us through the serenity of Missouri farm country.

Then load everything into the van and head up North to Michigan…spend a few days there.  Then point the van West into the sunset and drive like a madman to get back to work on October 5.

Five weeks and it is done…back to the grind of work and all of the chains that that entails…(but let’s not go there, shall we?)