Earthier Than the Average Hippy

Having just re-reread my previous post on religion, I didn’t like the way that it appeared that I came down on Gramma, so I thought I would write this post for balance.

More than anyone I’ve ever met, Gramma was “in tune” with her environment.

She knew every bird and its song as well as its migration habits, nesting habits, and life cycle.

She composted long before it was cool.  Her weekly garbage would fit in a soup can.  She reused everything.

She knew every weed and its uses.

She grew the best asparagus that I’ve ever had.

She practiced water conservation in a land of plenty.  There are many living in deserts who could learn from her.

She would aid anyone in need.  She would see to it that one’s life necessities were met.

When everyone else ate white bread, she stuck to whole wheat.

As a youth I didn’t recognize most of these merits.  If anything, they appeared backwards and embarrassed me.

She passed away before I matured enough to appreciate the strength and courage she manifested in living her life in accordance with her beliefs.