Windows 7 RTM

Over the weekend I upgraded the RC versions of Windows 7 on my laptop and desktop to the final version of Windows 7.  I did a clean install on my desktop and an unsupported upgrade on my laptop.  Both installs were flawless.

Months after Vista RTM, just 12 days before general availability, I posted here my views on the OS:

Only 12 more days until Vista is unleashed on the public. Will it be finished? If the average user experience is comparable to mine, MS is in deep doo doo. No amount of excuses and/or blame is going to be sufficient to keep MS out of hot water.

You know the spinning beach ball in the Mac? Well MS has implemented a similar feature. About half the time that I click on Computer or Documents or any explorer applet, the computer just stops–nothing happens. Click it again…nothing, click it again….nothing…. Huh? Click on control panel, let’s go see what error messages are being generated….BAM! Windows all pop open, every desperate click is turned into an open window. No rhyme, no reason…totally annoying.

Also, do you know anyone who does not use DIVX? I don’t. Still there is no DIVX codec for playback on Vista. If you install the old one, every time you navigate to a directory with a DIVX avi in it, the computer hangs. The “com surrogate” crashes repeatedly, you spend the next minutes trying to get a head of the error warnings.

All of the pretty eye candy in the world will not hide the fact that this is the buggiest Windows release since Win 95…XP for games and virtualization, Vista is too buggy for either.

Sadly, I have been forced into the role of MS Apologist. But I don’t mind making excuses for beta software…hell, it is beta. But this is the final release…excuses for this sad train wreck of an OS come to an end… Come on MS, get it together. 5 years in the making….and this is the best you can do?  Too sad….

So I’m not much of an MS apologist.  But I really like Windows 7, I am excited by it in the same way that I was excited by Win2k.  When Vista was released, not wanting to keep using XP, I switched to Linux for a year.  Firefox and Flash combined with lazy programming by video distributors forced me to try Vista again some time between SP1 and SP2, and I found it to be acceptable. Maybe the fact that I did not struggle with it daily during that time led me to be more forgiving of its early transgressions.

To me, Win 7 is the culmination of all of the promises made with the Win 95 release.  I didn’t even use computers at the time, but the whole Start Me Up campaign was over the top and definitely found a place in this Luddite’s  conscience.

Anyone know what the netbook like device at 31″s is?

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