Refresh of The Agora

I’ve just recently given my ancient philosophy site, The Agora, a visual and content refresh.

It has been a while and the cream yellow color was on the stale side.  Also I had made use of tables which did not scale well for mobile devices, and that needed fixed too.  And the code…originally built in Kompozer then rebuilt in Dreamweaver MX and then edited in Expression Web 2, to say that the code was a mess is a vast understatement.

The Agora’s content was originally hosted at starting in 2001, but I sold that domain and moved the content to its present domain in 2007.  This is the 4th overall refresh of the site.

The first thing I did for the refresh was to strip out about half of the content.  This gives the site more focus and all of the popular content remains at the same address.  My strongest content are the Stoic and Epicurean pages, with the rest having little traffic.  I think that dropping the extenuous content might let the other pages shine a bit more.

To balance the content I am adding a page about Buddhism, this is still in process but is moving along.  The Buddhism page has been challenging due to the unreadability of the earliest writings.  Probably due to the lengthy oral stage of the movement, the repetition is painful to read.  So I couldn’t  just post the earliest writings like I had with the other pages, as no one would read it .  My compromise was to post some of the earliest English syntheses of the writings.  These are quite readable and convey a lot of fairly accurate information in an efficient manner.  It might be another week or two till I have that page finished.

I used a trial of Microsoft’s Expression Web 3.0 to build the site.  All of the code checks as valid with the exception of the code contained within the creative commons license link.  I may follow up with them to see if they know how to make their code validate, or I may not.  The page works great with my Blackberry, so I am quite pleased with scalability.  With this refresh, I’ve released my original copyright in favor of the more inclusive creative commons.  I will probably purchase a license to Expression Web, it seems very capable and MS will give me upgrade pricing from Dreamweaver MX.