More Fall Plans Fall Into Place

This is a follow up post to this one.

Since that post I’ve decided to go with a canoe, so I have purchased one.  I’ve bought flotation devices for me and Smokey, ordered a couple of paddles and done quite a bit of research.

I’ve allotted 2 weeks to go the 500 miles, that is about 35 miles a day…I have no idea if that is reasonable or not.

I am leaving here on Sept. 1 and driving with the dogs to Missouri.  Spend about 4 days there and then the day after labor day I will get driven to the drop off point near Decatur NE…

Two weeks on the river then a quick drive up to Michigan to visit the family and back in Berkeley by Oct 3.

So far I’ve just been reading about the river and laying in gear.

I don’t really know how much I am into canoeing, but a two week forced paddle should give me a good idea of what I think about it.

My paddles arrive Monday, so by later in the week I should have the canoe out for her maiden voyage…then by early August I should be up in the Sierras getting the dogs accustomed to it.  Hopefully, the Smokester will adapt and not be a total PITA.

I plan to make daily postings to my Tumble Log while gone (coverage depending).  I will probably make another post here right before I leave then do daily updates on Tumblr…

Stay posted to find out if I am brave, foolish, dumb, or some combination of them all.