New Distros Released, Linux Keeps Getting Better

Just a couple of brief things relating to Linux Mint 6 KDE CE and a new (to me) distro called moonOS.

Let’s start with Mint.  On Wednesday, Linux Mint 6 KDE CE was released.  Based on Ubuntu Intrepid and using KDE 4.2, I think that this is the first usable KDE 4.x distro to be released.   Mint KDE ships with the default Oxygen theme, which is actually very distinctive, but not what I would call beautiful.  Thankfully KDE remains the desktop tweakers choice in Linux desktops, easily customizable.  With this release, KDE 4 finally comes to the masses and it is apparent that a firm foundation has been laid for future development.  The development team at Mint deserves credit for being the first out the door with a usable KDE 4.x.

Also worth noting is that this past Tuesday Linux Mint 6 Fluxbox CE was also released, I am not a fan of Fluxbox so I have no comment to make.  But if you are, then check it out.

The other distro that I wish to mention is a new one (to me) called moonOS.  moonOS comes out of Cambodia and is based on Ubuntu, like Mint it uses the same repositories as Ubuntu.  moonOS uses the E17 desktop which is fairly lightweight and fun to work with.  What sets moonOS apart is the themeing that has been done, it is unique, beautiful, and very funcional.  Check out the screenshots, as you can see it has a very Asian feel to it, at least in this Westerner’s mind.  It seems that moonOS has managed to break out of the sterile machine feel of most distros.  It is clear that a lot of time and energy (and talent) went into this release.  I had no problems getting it up to speed on my Toshiba laptop.  While their are a few niggles in version 2 which was released about 7 or 8 weeks ago, development is underway for version 3.

With Mint’s graduation into the top tier of distros, moonOS has become my favorite up and coming distro…go check them both out…


3 thoughts on “New Distros Released, Linux Keeps Getting Better

  1. Moon OS does look good visually (then again I’m partial to green). It also seems to come with OpenOffice 3, a definite plus.

    So how does KDE’s customizability compare to GNOME, which allows you to put panels anywhere and to totally customize your buttons? I always thought KDE’s big advantage was much better native applications compared to GNOME’s one-dimensional offerings.

  2. I always liked KDE for the integrated apps, mostly I enjoyed K3b, Amarok, and Digikam. While these have all been updated to the new kde, none of them have reached feature parity with kde 3.5x apps.
    As far as customizing the panels go…I don’t know, as I havent messed with it much. One feature that I liked in the 3 series was kabar, so far kabar has not made an appearance in the 4 series, but I still hope to see it implemented at some point.

  3. I am a big fan of mint and kde.

    I agree with your assessment of kde 4 so far. I haven’t seen anyone pull it off yet, but I will go give mint’s kde version a try. I was a little hesitant to invest any time in trying it because of how unusable other versions have been. The feature set of kde 4 is appealing though.

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