Diigo is great…

I’ve been using Foxmarks for sync of my Firefox bookmarks for a few years, it has mostly worked well.

But as more modern browsers are released, and Firefox seems to be falling behind, I looked for other solutions.  I’ve mostly been using IE8 lately, the Foxmarks beta for IE works, but it gives frequent errors.  And there is no sync solution for Safari and Chrome.

Since I seek browser independence, I looked to the cloud.  Since I use many Google services, I first looked at their online bookmarks.  They really leave a lot to be desired and they push a browser toolbar in an attempt to achieve adequacy.  I hate toolbars, leave my screen real estate alone…especially on my laptop with vertical space is limited.  Browser toolbars seem to me a throwback to the 90s.

I tried de.licio.us, but they seem focused solely on the social, not really one of my needs.  Ma.gnolia seems to have crashed and burned, so I checked out Diigo, Simply, Windows Live Favorites, etc…

Windows live wanted to load an active x, so I did not have faith that it would work in alternative browsers and Simply was to simple.  So I went in depth with Diigo, and found it to work adequately.

The main selling feature on Diigo is export, so if I change my mind it is easy to get my data back.  I installed the Diigolet bookmarklet and found it to be a great replacement for a toolbar–it gives all the benefits of a toolbar without the sacrifices.

So far it is working great.  I was able to uninstall the Firefox extension for Foxmarks and the background process for the IE add-in, thus speeding up my browsing experience.

The tagging features of Diigo are exceptional, the social aspects are nice but not required.  For a cloud solution, I find it to meet my needs exceptionally well.  Meaning it works with all major browsers, and it easy to navigate and access bookmarks.